So last month I was at the doctor’s office, and as I was making small talk with the nurse she asked “So what do you do?” I responded “I’m an HOA attorney.” She actually grimaced. It was a clear knee-jerk reaction. And then she laughed, said sorry, and made some comment about her friend’s trashGo to Resource
Is it my imagination or are people getting less patient, more critical, more demanding, and less understanding? It seems over the last few years boards have been criticized and admonished more, while being appreciated and understood less. No wonder it’s becoming more and more difficult to fill board vacancies. After all, why would someone volunteerGo to Resource

Managing Conflict Among Board Members

Ideally, a board of directors should be composed of individuals who work cohesively and efficiently to manage the community they serve.  But in reality this is not always the case.  Boards are comprised of different people with different abilities, talents, opinions, and life stories, trying to make decisions on behalf of an entire community inGo to Resource
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