Recent surveys confirm that vacancy rates are falling across the Denver Metro area, yet new housing construction is not yet expanding.  This means apartments and rental homes are becoming increasingly attractive business opportunities.

The Governor has proclaimed April Fair Housing Month in Colorado, to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the passage of the federal Fair Housing Act.  Fair housing requirements for landlords are not only enshrined in federal law; there are also state and local laws and regulations that you should be familiar with as a landlord.  For example, Colorado goes further than the federal government and also bans discrimination based on ancestry, marital status or sexual orientation.

As new landlords move into the rental marketplace they may not be aware of their legal responsibilities under multiple fair housing regulations.  A few of the stages in the rental process where discrimination might occur include advertising, showing property, tenant screening, lease negotiation, disability accommodation requests, repairs, use of common facilities, and eviction. 

A good way to reduce your risk of liability for fair housing act complaints is by having your attorney review your proposed ads, tenant screening process, and disability accommodation request process, at the same time as you have your lease form reviewed. 

If you’d like to learn more about protecting your new rental business, please contact our Business Law Group partner, David A. Closson at [email protected].

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