As we continue to dive deeper into the DORA report, we’ve tried to ascertain the root of the majority of complaints received by DORA. Looking at the categories of complaints, no less than 82.91% of the complaints relate to items that could be mitigated with additional information and or education of board members, managers and owners.  For example, complaints relating to elections/voting or meetings may be mitigated if the Board and individual owners more clearly understand the purpose and process upon which elections are conducted, including when secret ballots are required and how a proxy is used.  For more information on the proxy and ballot process, watch our recent webinar, “Voting, Proxies and Mail Ballots.”

The question then, becomes how to accomplish this education. The Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act requires that the association provide education to owners; however, the statute fails to set parameters for this education, including minimum standards.  Does your association currently offer annual education?  If so, in what form?  Even though education for owners is required, until associations find a way to encourage owners to participate this requirement has little impact.

Until both owners and Board members take these requirements seriously, very little will change.

David A. Firmin
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