Committees can be the lifeblood of an association. They can be the best thing since sliced cheese or your worst night mare. I was contemplating why some committees are a blessing while others are a curse and came to the decision it’s really all about the board that set up the committee. If you want a successful committee then you should:

  1. Be careful about who you appoint to a committee.
  2. Make sure a board member is involved in every committee to some extent.
  3. Make sure the committee is required to provide regular reports to the board.
  4. Adopt a charter for each committee that identify the purpose and authority of the committee.

If you want a committee from “you know where”, then you should:

  • Create committees that make more work for your manager.
  • Create committees that are too large.
  • Treat committee members as outsiders.
  • Have a rule or create an impression that committee membership will lead to board election.

For more information on committees read our article.

5 responses to “Committee Dos and Don’ts
  1. Are all HOA committees required to be open to all residents? For instance, the Design Review Committee; does it have to be open to all residents?

    And, is there any law that say that a committee cannot meet in a resident’s home; some residents say they don’t want to go to a resident’s home, which shows how unneighborly they are; however, are there any rules that say a committee cannot meet at a resident’s home?

    1. Hi Lori,

      Yes, all HOA committees are statutorily required to be open to all residents.
      Committees, much like boards, can meet in any location they choose.
      If you have any additional questions, feel free to call us at 303-432-9999 or email [email protected].

      Thank you!

    1. Hi Lynette,
      As long as the governing documents don’t prohibit it (i.e., don’t require committee members to be owners, for example, or specifically exclude agents or employees to be on a committee), then yes they can serve. However, might not be a good a good idea depending on the committee, and whether this would be perceived as a conflict of interest. If you have any additional questions, feel free to call us at 303-432-9999 or email [email protected].

      Thank you!

  2. Is there a CO state law that a board member ‘has’ to be on a committee? If yes, please provide location of.

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