For those of you who are currently designated as CMCAs (Certified Managers of Community Associations) through CAI, or for those of you who are planning on obtaining this designation, you may already know that the CMCA designation requires 16 hours of continuing education every two years for recertification.

The CAMICB Board of Commissioners recently approved a new continuing education policy for recertification of CMCA designations. Essentially, the new policy expands the list of approved continuing education for CMCAs to include courses approved by state regulatory agencies in states that currently require community manager licensing, which includes Colorado.

What does this mean for you? It means that courses offered in Colorado that have been approved by DORA to provide continuing education credits for your CAM license, will also be approved for continuing education credits for your CMCA designation. Hopefully that makes your life a little easier by allowing you to get continuing education credits for both your CAM license and CMCA designation by attending a single program!

If you have any questions regarding continuing education, please contact one of our attorneys at (303) 432-9999. You can also view our upcoming educational programs to register for your next class today.

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  1. All Florida CAM licensees must complete 20 hours of CAM Continuing Education during each license renewal period of 24 months. I discovered an excellent course to prepare for the CAM exam which includes a great practice exam and useful flashcards to memorize key concepts and important topics:

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