On September 11, 2014, I wrote about the proposed bill before the US Congress that would invalidate community association rules and architectural standards regarding amateur radio antennas and towers.  CAI has sent out a call for action for each of us to contact our appropriate U.S. House of Representatives member.  You can use this link to contact your member and ask them to not co-sponsor or vote against H.R. 4969.

3 responses to “CAI National Call for Action
  1. Colorado has had this law for many years, and it has done nothing but keep the HOA reasonable. I am trying to understand why we would want to prevent such a reasonable law?
  2. Look around – the world is on fire. There must be something you can do to help put out the fire. Let the HOAs deal with amateur radio antennas.
  3. Hmmmm, HOAs are “common Interest Associations” yet the goverment can step in and mandate something that is prohibited by the governing documents that everyone is bound by? Is our natiooal defense going to be enhanced by this? Not sure we need more big government involved in our neighborhood activities! Congress should spend more time fixing our economy instead of meddling in HOA affairs.
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