As the legislature continues to work, bills that were initially introduced with good intentions have started to struggle.  Specifically, HB 1225, The Homeowners Insurance Reform Act of 2013, has been postponed after it failed to gain traction in the House Committee on Business, Labor, Economic & Workforce Development.   HB 1225 was introduced as an attempt to provide additional protections to homeowners due to the problems many owners are facing while trying to rebuild their homes after last season’s forest fires.  This Bill, however, failed to garner sufficient committee support to continue.  While this Bill may be a great idea in concept, as it would affect every property owner in the state, it is more important to look at the entire impact of the Bill prior to pushing it forward in a knee- jerk reaction.

We will keep an eye on this Bill to determine if it is rescheduled for further debate after other legislation is addressed.

David A. Firmin
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