Recently there has been a new criminal scheme targeting businesses. The crime involves criminals’ manipulation of targeted business records at the Secretary of State’s office by changing a business’s information in order to imply that they have a legitimate stake in the company. These identity thieves use this maliciously altered information along with other records to apply for lines of credit from major retailers. Before the victim company realizes what has happened, it starts to receive calls from debt collectors and suffers damage to its credit report.

For those clients whom we are your registered agent, we are pro-actively contacting the Secretary of State to receive e-mail notifications on your behalf should anyone make a change to your business record. Should we receive a notification, we will contact you immediately to verify that all changes were authorized.

For those clients whom we do not serve as registered agent, please contact the Secretary of State to sign up for the e-mail notification service, or contact our office should you wish our firm to become your registered agent.

The Secretary of State has worked with the Attorney General, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and the business community to create a business identity theft resource website. This website will provide you with a central place to find more information on business identity theft.

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