A recent article in the Denver Post offers the following 7 tips to minimize risk for homeowners electing to rent out their homes:

• Find the Right Tenant.  Use credit and background checks to screen and select tenants.

• Prepare the House. Before renting, clean the house thoroughly and tackle any looming improvement projects prior to leasing.

• Document and Discuss. Take extensive pictures to document the condition of the property prior to tenant move-in.

• Finalize Carefully.  Have tenants sign a document of the pictures showing the condition of the property at the time of move-in.

• Don’t Forget the Outdoors.  As you negotiate the lease have a detailed discussion of the tenant’s obligation to maintain outdoor space such as landscaping and include obligations in the lease document.

• Look to the Future.  If you have promised upgrades or repairs to the tenant, make sure they get done promptly.  Also, supply the tenant with contact information for trusted contractors. 

• Don’t be Absentee.  Stay in touch regularly with your tenants and check on the property regularly.
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