If you are following our ProjectRUN blog, you already know that our firm promotes an active, healthy lifestyle.  We have several members of our firm that use standing desks, some who grow their own organic vegetables, and others that enjoy being outside at every opportunity.  Recently, I came across an article which discussed the benefits of a walking meeting.  The author changed one meeting from meeting at a coffee shop to having a stroll, instead. And, it grew legs!  He now averages four meetings per week which adds up to between 20 and 30 miles!

Imagine, if your association’s Board decided to have a walking meeting instead of hunkering down around the clubhouse meeting room.  What would be the benefits?

  • First, the Board would be actively promoting (and taking a step at, ha!) a healthy lifestyle.
  • Second, it gives the Board a presence in the community.  The Board and manager should be checking out the community anyway, why not combine it with a meeting?  Say hello to neighbors that may be outside watering their yards. It also gets you, as the author in the article above mentioned, out of the box, physically and mentally.
  • Third, it’s good for your brain

Certainly, there are times when you need to be referencing materials and a walking meeting may not work. Also, there could be some confidentiality issues depending on the topic of the meeting.  But, make it a point to get out in your community, even once a quarter, and try a walking meeting.  It may just change the way you think!

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