In a surprise move, a banking industry group opposed amendments to the Superlien Bill, which we’ve been following closely and which was scheduled for hearing in a House committee yesterday.  Due to that opposition, the bill’s sponsor, Representative Deb Gardner indefinitely postponed her own bill.  That means the bill is unlikely to move forward this year.
As originally proposed, the Super Lien Bill would have had significant negative consequences for homeowners, condominium and townhome associations in Colorado.  Community association industry stakeholders, led by CAI’s Colorado Legislative Action Committee, worked hard to successfully negotiate amendments to the bill which — had they been introduced — on balance would have been favorable to associations.  But the bill never reached that stage.

Last week, another bill which would have negatively affected HOA lien laws, the Junior Lienholder bill, also died in committee, see February 16, 2011 post on SB11-122.  The net effect of all this legislative action is no change to CCIOA lien law is likely this year.

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