Looks like snow is coming this Thursday.  Yet I am still running around in shorts and sandals, and I definitely have not checked my tires yet!!

With winter conditions right around the corner, it’s time for associations to review their snow removal contracts. So what should be included in these contracts?  Below is a checklist of some of the most common provisions that all snow removal contracts should have:

  1. Define specific areas which will be plowed, shoveled and blown and where the snow is to be stored (it should not be stored in an area that obstructs fire hydrants, mailboxes, garage doors or pedestrian walkways).  It may be helpful to use a map to outline which areas are the responsibility of the association and which are the responsibility of the city.
  2. Define when snow removal services are expected (i.e., number of inches of accumulation, how long after the snow has stopped).
  3. Discuss what materials will be used on sidewalks (i.e., sand, ice melt or salt) and when they will be used.
  4. Require association be named as an additional insured on contractor’s policy.
  5. Require the contractor to be responsible for any property damage caused by the contractor’s negligence.

If you would like help reviewing your snow removal contracts contact one of our attorneys today at 303-432-9999.

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