At Altitude Community Law, we take collecting delinquent assessments serious. Did you know that we have dedicated a full-time experienced collector who initiates contact with delinquent owners by making daily outbound calls for files on our Risk Sharing program?  Tom Walters, our collections specialist, has over 20 years of experience actively pursing full payment and/or payment arrangements.  These outbound initiated phone calls are designed to contact the owner and work out a viable balance in full arrangement. Upon contact with the homeowner, we also verify all asset related information, which includes current address, current job situation, income/ability to pay, other methods of contact (i.e. cellular, alternate numbers, email, etc.)  These outbound calls strengthen our ability to collect for you, and maximize total dollars collected, which in 2011 was over 4.5 million dollars.

For more information on the collection process or if you have any questions in regards to accounts that need to be turned over for collections, please contact one of our attorneys at 303.432.9999.

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