As the president of your community association, one of your top concerns is the quality (and quantity) of leaders in the community. How can you recruit good people to fill committees and task forces? What can you do to encourage people to run for the board? And how can you best use your very limited time in front of owners during the annual meeting to accomplish these goals?

Parliamentary Tip: Use every opportunity during an owner’s meeting to introduce each presenter, recite their past service to the association, specifically acknowledge, and thank them for their recent accomplishments. As presiding officer you not only approve the agenda, but you can also script what you’ll say as you move through that agenda during the meeting.

To make the most of this opportunity, you may prepare a short introduction about each presenter. For example, instead of just announcing, “Treasurer’s Report” then sitting down, try the following script:

Next, our Board Treasurer, Jane Doe, will give you the Treasurer’s Report.

  • Jane has been a Board member since 2006.
  • Even before she joined the Board she was known for being a community leader who worked hard to make this community a great place to live.
  • She was chair of the Social Committee when it started our tradition of a harvest festival in the park which has grown into the major event we all enjoy today.
  • Among her accomplishments this past year as Treasurer, Jane worked with the Budget Committee to develop a reserve account investment policy that you’ll hear more about.
  • Please join me in thanking Jane for her service to the community.

Studies show that volunteers who feel appreciated and are thanked are more likely to continue volunteering for an organization. Thoughtful introductions and public thanks will not only encourage volunteers to continue serving the association, but will also make the tone of the meeting more pleasant.

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