• Do you have a written collection policy?
  • Do you periodically communicate the collection policy and procedures to owners?
  • Do you obtain as much owner information as possible at each new closing?


  • Does your manager provide a monthly list of delinquent owners?
  • Does your manager provide an aging report of delinquent owners?
  • Does your manager provide a historical comparison of delinquencies from year to year or month to month?
  • Does your manager follow a standardized procedure for collecting unpaid assessments?
  • Does your manager track the costs of collection efforts versus dollars recovered?
  • Does your manager analyze the length of time from delinquency to payment in full?
  • Does your manager gather information on bank accounts, employers, etc. and forward it to your attorney when collection accounts are turned over?
  • Does your manager have an internal system to identify delinquencies and follow up per your established collection policy?


  • Does your attorney provide you with a monthly status report?
  • Does your attorney know and follow your collection policy?
  • Does your attorney make recommendations, including more aggressive collection action, when appropriate?
  • Does your attorney provide you with copies of pleadings and correspondence?
  • Does your attorney know what his or her authority is regarding your collections?
  • Does your attorney track fees and costs charged versus dollars collected?
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