Our Community Can-Can event is coming up on September 14th.  As we have for the last 2 years, Altitude Community Law is inviting others to help those in need Rise Above Hunger by collecting canned food, using the cans to build a structure then donating the food to the Food Bank of the Rockies.

Our goal this year is to double the amount of food we donate.  In 2012 we collected approximately 12,700 cans with only 8 teams participating.  If we double the number of participants we can easily double our number of cans and truly impact the fight against hunger.  Great ways to collect more cans (even if you don’t use them to build your structure) are:

  • asking for donations from surrounding businesses;
  • asking your associations to participate and collect cans;
  • asking your business partners to donate;
  • taking cash (of any amount) in lieu of cans from those that are short on time.

Registration forms to participate in our upcoming event are available on our Community Can-Can website.

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