Please mark your calendars for January 9, 2013! Why? Because that is the day the 2013 Colorado General Assembly convenes. And some of us will be marking our calendars for May 9, which is the day the 2013 General Assembly will end. In between, thirty-five senators and sixty-five representatives will consider over 600 bills, and will likely pass at least a few hundred.  But, will any of those bills affect community associations?  Chances are there will be one or more bills affecting associations. As we discussed in our prior post, it is likely we may see bills related to mandatory mediation, expedited court procedures, manager/management company regulation and possibly even an ombudsman position within the state government to address owner concerns with community associations.

As we have since 2010, we will provide up-to-date tracking of each and every bill introduced that might affect associations and offer you resources and opportunity to have an impact on legislation.

Loura K. Sanchez
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