I will admit that most of the time in my industry (which is HOAs) Nextdoor is not exactly seen in the best light.  While it is supposed to be a neighborhood-networking site, more often than not my involvement with Nextdoor is in response to the question of: “How does the board respond to misinformation on Nextdoor?” And then I am taxed with the unpleasant job of reading malicious posts by homeowners bashing board members, board members bashing homeowners, homeowners bashing other homeowners, board members bashing other board members, and so on.  A lot of bashing.

That is why when I logged onto Nextdoor this morning for my own neighborhood, I was quite awestruck and thrilled by the overwhelming number of warm, caring, helpful posts flooding my screen, all in the effort of being a good neighbor and helping one another during the coronavirus pandemic. Here are just a few posts:

Need a grocery run or babysitting?

If you are elderly or immunocompromised and need groceries or some errands run during these crazy times, please let me know—I am available all of next week and happy to help out my neighbors!

My 13 year old can also do some babysitting for any parents needing child care :).

PM me!

Community Help

If you are in need of someone to shop for you or get your mail, or anything because you are in a high risk group or fearful of getting sick, please let me know. I will not charge to help you out. Even have a roll or two of toilet paper! Let’s be neighborly if we can help at all in this crazy climate!

Happy to Help

I want to offer errand running, grocery shopping, or just chores in general for the elderly in our community that do not want to go out (and understandably so!). We should all stick together during these tough times. Message and I’ll provide my number.

Senior Grocery Run

Hi there! We are planning a trip to the grocery store this evening to replenish some essentials and ready ourselves for the extra week of spring break with our son home.

I thought this may be a good opportunity to pick up groceries for any of our senior neighbors that may not feel comfortable getting out to the stores this weekend. Feel free to message me if you may find that helpful, we are happy to help out how we can!

It takes a village

Please let me know…just send me a private message…completely confidential.

Because our schools have closed some may become concerned about your child not being able to eat breakfast or lunch. I will do what I can to help. A cooked meal , a box of cereal, gallon of milk, bread, bologna and cheese, a big box of ramen, whatever it may be, I will try to help.

Do not be ashamed we all need help at times. Kids depend on the meals at school more than we know.  And because we should be avoiding one another, I will leave it on your porch.

Here to Help

Hi neighbors, I know this is an uncertain time so wanted to offer a helping hand. I’d be happy to run an errand for anyone who needs extra help. Don’t hesitate to comment below or message me! And if you can offer help to neighbors in need, comment below with how 💚

What a fantastic outpouring of love and caring!  And kudos to Nextdoor for providing the platform for it to happen!

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