While messy housekeepers may have been around a long time, “Hoarders” is a new epidemic sweeping the country thanks to reality TV.  As reported in the Orange County Register, the local Fire Department gets over a dozen calls a month from people complaining about the hording being done by their neighbors and in 30% of those cases, there are actually safety issues.  Particularly in condominiums or townhomes where the consequences of hoarding have a higher impact on neighbors, one solution may be for the association to adopt a policy regarding the failure to discard large amounts of possessions that appear useless and take up living spaces. While United Mutual’s approach may not be the answer for every community, board’s should consider what tools they would have to address a hoarding situation should it arise.  Will your local police/fire department be able to address the issue? Do your covenants and/or rules contain provisions to address the issue?  Will your board try to inspect units?  We can help you draft a policy if you would like to explore these issues.

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