The Code of Ordinances for the City and County of Denver have been revised to include new restraints on homeowner associations wanting to foreclose on their liens for unpaid assessments.  Chapter 27, Article XI, Section 27-240 of the Denver Revised Municipal Code now requires any association, or assignee of the association’s debt, that is seeking to foreclose a lien on or after August 30, 2022 to provide written notice of owners’ rights and resources at least thirty (30) days prior to bringing any action.  The notice must be a form provided by or approved by the City of Denver.  The notice must provide a listing of legal and housing resources for owners facing foreclosure.  And, the association must maintain a record of the notice, including the date and time that the notice was provided.  However, unlike HB22-1137, the ordinance does not specify the manner in which the notice must be sent.

Violations of the Ordinance are subject to the procedures and penalties set forth in Article XII, Chapter 2 of the Denver Revised Municipal Code.

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