It looks like the extra mountain snow has paid off for water users—at least those in Denver and Thornton.  Both municipalities have eased watering restrictions from the two day per week maximum to allow watering three days per week.  Reports indicate Denver Water’s mountain reservoirs are 92% full and Thornton’s are 80% full.

Although this is great news, it’s still important to follow all the standard rules when it comes to watering your lawn.  These include : watering in the evening hours, not watering concrete, and not letting your water pool in gutters or alleys.  A Denver Water representative indicated that despite the ease in watering restrictions Denver will be “vulnerable” if there is low snowpack in 2014.

If your association lies in Denver or Thornton limits, what could this mean for your community?  Does this mean the boards of directors will now start requiring owners to water more often and utilize the full three day watering allowance?   For more information on watering restrictions and associations, take a look at our article addressing this issue.

Elina B. Gilbert
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