Whether to open the pool is not the only issue in front of associations this summer. Many boards are wondering what they should tell residents who wish to reserve the clubhouse for a reception or other event, given the social distancing and other requirements under the Safer at Home Order.  The most recent updated Order does not appear to have any specific guidance on indoor or outdoor event protocol, other than guidelines applicable to personal recreation activities (so unless your birthday party attendees are also performing aerobics while eating birthday cake, I don’t think those guidelines apply!). Therefore, the standard “no more than 10 people” rule for gatherings inside clubhouses would currently apply.  However, much like when the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (“CDPHE”) asked for input on draft pool guidelines,  it is now asking for input on draft indoor event guidelines.  If adopted as written, the guidelines would likely cover clubhouse events such as birthday parties, receptions, etc.

Coloradans are being given until 5:00 pm, June 17 (today) to provide input on the indoor guidelines. The CDPHE is also asking for input on outdoor event guidelines as well.

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