The Recreation of the Manager Licensure Bill is being considered in the House Finance Committee on Wednesday April 17, 2019. HB 19-1212 is intended to recreate the current manager licensure program currently in existence with a number of amendments to improve the program. We believe the industry is better served with professionally licensed managers.

We encourage you to call or email the following members of the Finance Committee to let them know you support MANDATORY manager licensing, an improved complaint process and an advisory committee that would give a greater voice to the industry. Let them know that you OPPOSE any efforts to minimize the level of professionalism by making it a VOLUNTARY certification program and going against the DORA sunset recommendation of continuing the current program. Also, witnesses from the below legislators’ districts have the opportunity to come to committee to testify next Wednesday, April 17th. Please see the Colorado General Assembly for the most current and updated information.

Rep Herod[email protected] (303) 866-2959
Rep Tipper- [email protected] (303) 866-2939
Rep Beckman- [email protected] (303) 866-2953
Rep Benavidez- [email protected] (303) 866-2964
Rep Bird- [email protected] (303) 866-2843
Rep Bockenfeld- [email protected] (303) 866-2912
Rep Gray- [email protected] (303) 866-4667
Rep Rich- [email protected] (303) 866-3068
Rep Sandridge- [email protected] (303) 866-2965
Rep Snyder- [email protected] (303) 866-2932
Rep Sullivan- [email protected] (303) 866-5510

3 responses to “HB 19-1212 CALL TO ACTION
  1. I fully support Mandatory Community Association Manager licensing along with an improved complaint process and an advisory committee that would give a greater voice to the industry.
    DORA was built upon the premise of consumer protection which is even more important than just the industry. If the new HB 19-1212 is not passed the consumer (homeowners who live in community associations) will have very little protection. DORA would be unable to protect the general public and prior laws that were enacted to protect the general public may have no enforcement.
    Put politics aside, do what is in the best interest for the public good, and Pass HB 19-1212

  2. Manager licensing has not helped our industry in any substantive manner. It has resulted in a shortage of qualified managers. I hope the bill is defeated.

  3. Manager licensing has several requirements before you become a licensed CAM.
    Basics: you must be screened by the State of CO, 24 hours of Education (M100),
    and pass a 2 part exam.
    Any HOA that hires that hires a manager without a license is making a huge mistake.
    The industry will only deteriorate if it does not set standards.
    Higher standards should also promote higher pay and more responsibility.
    To represent homeowners properly, you should be able to prove that you have the most basic credentials ( CAM License) to properly fulfill your job. DORA should continue their enforcement to make sure that CAMs follow the law.

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