Over the last 30 years technology has evolved resulting in a virtual world where we are all connected in some way.  Whether it’s “Googling” cheap plane tickets, researching answers to questions or connecting to our friends and families, the Internet is now a way of life.  Technology has also transformed the way we communicate; 30 years ago email was virtually non-existent, there weren’t message boards or social networking sites.  As technology continues to evolve so do we, our expectations have changed to wanting instantaneous access to information, we want an “easy button”.  It’s no surprise that homeowner associations have changed too.  Some associations have turned to the web to get to know their neighbors, build community and distribute important information.  While online tools can be useful for spreading important news, they can also be launching pads for misinformation and rumors.  As we move into 2013, now is a good time for associations to review and update or adopt a social media policy.  Below are some basic guidelines every social media policy should contain:

  1. How does the association want to use social media?
  2. Who is authorized to update and post?
  3. Who will be able to see, “friend” or “follow” the association?
  4. Will the sites be used strictly for informational purposes or will they allow communication (e.g., commenting on blogs, responding to a Facebook post)?
  5. Determine what (if any) liability the association faces with having a social media site.

If your association would like help reviewing setting up a policy, please contact us today.

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