Condo Owner Magazine recently posted a tragic story about a 14-year old boy who fell off his skateboard and was hit by a vehicle.  The magazine reports that after building substantial speed he came down an elevated ramp in the condo parking garage, crossed the biking path that marked the edge of the road, and fell onto the road where he was struck by a passing vehicle and died.

Many communities have potentially risky areas that may lead to injury, or even death, if used improperly or not addressed appropriately. Although there may be hidden dangers in your community, an association isn’t going to be able to prevent all residents from getting injured or from assuming those risks. However, the association may be able to minimize its exposure to liability or otherwise shift those risks by using a number of risk management strategies, such as:

  • Knowing and fulfilling its maintenance responsibilities under the governing documents
  • Reviewing the features of the community which present a likelihood of injury, and
  • Obtaining appropriate insurance coverage.


Melissa M. Garcia
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