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  • Eight Meeting Mistakes that May Invalidate Your Meeting
     March 7, 2024
     12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Colorado law imposes quite a few requirements on membership and board meetings.  For example, meeting notices must contain certain information, be delivered in a certain manner, and within a specific time frame.  Additionally, certain decisions cannot be made during certain meetings without complying with legal prerequisites. But these are only examples and there are many more statutory requirements to comply with.  Because all associations have meetings, it is inevitable that mistakes will occur from time to time.  Some mistakes are not critical and arguably, do not impact the legality of the meeting; other mistakes, however, can be far more devastating and result in greater consequences, such as invalidation of a meeting.  This webinar will examine eight common meeting mistakes that may result in severe consequences.  You can’t afford to miss this class!

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