Passed in June 2005, SB 100 affected almost all aspects of the operation and governance of Colorado’s common interest communities from how board members are elected to the policies associations are required to adopt. SB 100 not only amended several existing provisions of CCIOA, but it also added entirely new sections for board members and managers to master. Additionally, several sections of the statute are subject to an association’s existing governing documents. By the time managers and board members felt like they understood the changes brought by SB 100, SB 89 (the SB 100 ‘Clean Up Bill’) was passed. SB 89 was written to address the portions of SB 100 that proved to be impracticable for associations to implement, needed clarification, or had unintended consequences.

This is a guide to what SB 100 and SB 89 said and what steps community association board members and managers must take to comply with these laws.

Download the Senate Bill 100 & 89: What They Say and How to Comply PDF

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