The Vicious Cycle of Collections and a Solution: Acceleration!

Situation: On January 10, 2012, your association obtains a judgment against a homeowner for the balance, as of that date, of unpaid assessments, late fees, interest, attorney fees, and costs.   In June of 2012, through a wage garnishment, the judgment balance is collected.  Success?  YES and no. Problem: The homeowner has erroneously believed that becauseGo to Resource

Time to Budget for Deferred Legal Maintenance

Now that accounts receivables are finally starting to shrink, many associations are working hard to stabilize their communities’ finances and planning to take care of long-deferred maintenance projects.  During this upcoming budget season, boards and managers will be making important decisions about which projects can, and must, be funded next year and over the comingGo to Resource

How Can Community Associations be Smart with Smart Phones?

Smart car, smart phone, smart….ass?  That’s what my mom calls me when I’m in my “know-it-all” mode and disrespecting her philosophies.  But she has also given me many pearls of wisdom over the years, such as: “Efficiency is all well and good, but it shouldn’t be to someone else’s detriment.” “Huh?” I said, without botheringGo to Resource

Altitude Community Law Donates over 18,000 pounds of food at their 3rd Annual Community Can-Can

Altitude Community Law sponsored our 3rd Annual Community Can-Can last Friday, September 14, 2012.  With the help of our management company partners: Colorado Association Services, Colorado Management & Associates, Hammersmith Management, MSI and Overlook Property Management a total of 18,395 pounds of food and $2,450 in cash was donated to Food Bank of the Rockies. Go to Resource

Want to Restrict Leasing? Look to Local Ordinances

Associations commonly ask if they can restrict leasing in their communities.  These inquiries typically stem from perceptions that investors care less about the community than resident homeowners and that tenants are more likely to violate community rules.  As a result, associations are looking for alternatives to limit the number of renters residing within the community.Go to Resource
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