Confusion commonly exists within community associations regarding the use of proxies and ballots.  Such confusion is understandable given the technical nature of the laws governing the use of proxies and ballots in Colorado.  However, if used properly, proxies and ballots may be used not only to encourage and increase individual participation in the association’s affairs,Go to Resource
The Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”) is the statute governing common interest communities in the state of Colorado.  One of the topics addressed by CCIOA is meetings, which are required to be open to attendance by its members or their designated agents. This requirement has led to questions concerning the obligation of an associationGo to Resource
There has consistently been much confusion in the industry as to owners’ rights when it comes to board meetings.  Specifically, many boards tend to get confused when it comes to owners’ rights of attendance and participation during board meetings.  After all, these meetings are how association business gets transacted, and boards believe there is noGo to Resource
If done the right way, a homeowner forum can achieve many goals.  It can capture community-wide interests and concerns.  It can give the owners a voice.   It’s great for generating opinions, feedback and new ideas.  It will increase the Board’s awareness of potential problems on the horizon. And, hopefully, it will engage and foster futureGo to Resource