Using Outbound Calls to Collect Delinquent Assessments

loading… At Altitude Community Law, we take collecting delinquent assessments serious. Did you know that we have dedicated a full-time experienced collector who initiates contact with delinquent owners by making daily outbound calls for files on our Risk Sharing program?  Tom Walters, our collections specialist, has over 20 years of experience actively pursing full paymentGo to Resource

Collections Options for Properties Owned by LLCs, Trusts, and Estates

loading… Most properties are owned by individuals.  Collections for unpaid assessments due from individuals generally involve lawsuits against the owners, leading to wage garnishments, bank garnishments, or tenant garnishments.  However, occasionally a board is faced with attempting to collect unpaid assessments on a property owned by another type of owner, such as an LLC, aGo to Resource

Bank Owned Properties: What Can We Do?

loading… Does your community have properties that are owned by banks?  Unfortunately, bank owned properties have become commonplace in many communities due to the high number of foreclosures that continue to take place in today’s economy.  These homes are likely vacant, with covenant violations (weeds and other maintenance issues come to mind), and most likely,Go to Resource
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