Why Foreclosure May Be Your Best Bet

One of the greatest challenges community associations face is the collection of past due accounts.  As nonprofit organizations, the cash flow provided by payment of dues and assessments is vital to the association to function and fulfill its responsibilities to the community.  Nonpayment or delinquent payment of dues affect all homeowners in a community and prevent anGo to Resource

What Documents Should be Kept for Successful Collections?

To make a collection case successful, it is important the association be able to document the origin of the debt. If an association cannot show where some or all of the debt comes from, the likelihood of recovery becomes very slim.  This article will address the documents that are essential for a successful collections action.Go to Resource

Bankruptcy Basics

Bankruptcy … it’s the “four-letter word” that nobody wants to hear.  There are two types of bankruptcies that most individuals file.  A Chapter 7 bankruptcy (also known as a “liquidation” bankruptcy) will, upon completion, discharge the owner’s debt as of the date of filing.  A Chapter 13 bankruptcy (also known as a “wage earner’s” bankruptcy)Go to Resource

Association wins at Colorado Court of Appeals

In March of 2014 the Colorado Court of Appeals overturned a Jefferson County District Court decision made against one of Altitude Community Law’ clients.  In the ruling the Court of Appeals agreed with the arguments put forth by Brianna Schaefer, Damien Bielli and Loura Sanchez. Altitude Community Law felt that the District Court ruling wasGo to Resource

Bankruptcy And Its Effect On Collecting Association Assessments

An Overview These materials concern themselves mainly with the effect of a bankruptcy on a homeowner association’s ability to collect its assessments.  Put another way, the object of these materials is to acquaint association managers and Board Members with the skills that will be necessary to determine whether a delinquent debt will still be collectibleGo to Resource
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