Need to Amend Your Declaration, but Can’t Get Enough Approvals?

Having trouble garnering sufficient owner participation from your community association?  Can’t get more than 5 owners to attend a meeting, much less meet a quorum to conduct association business?  This is all too common for many associations, and it can pose a major obstacle when attempting to amend the association’s declaration. As you may know,Go to Resource

FHA Condominium Certifications: The Requirements and Prohibitions

Introduction The Federal Housing Administration (“FHA”) is a government-owned insurance company that insures home loans for buyers who cannot afford a conventional down payment or prefer to use their available funds in other ways.  In other words, a FHA backed loan allows a home buyer to purchase the home with a smaller down payment thanGo to Resource
Almost all homeowner associations in Colorado are either condominium communities or planned developments, with nothing in between (aside from a very small number of co-ops).  Many might find this  hard to believe given all the different types of communities we have labels for, such as townhomes, single family, patio homes, zero-lot-line homes, and mixed-use communities. Go to Resource
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