We are now in the midst of election season and regardless of which candidate or party people are rooting for, they feel patriotic. And how do folks show their patriotism? By displaying the United States flag of course!

Although most people are aware that the United States flag is protected by CCIOA  and cannot be banned in common interest communities, they still adopt rules concerning flags to retain some control over the manner of display and size. However, are you aware that any rules concerning the United States flag must be in compliance with the Federal Flag Code?

If you are anything like the author of this blog, you’ve probably never read the Code from start to finish; so how do you know if your rules comply with the Federal Flag Code? Below are a few requirements from the Federal Flag Code you may not have been aware of:

  • The United States flag should only be displayed from sunrise to sunset; however, when a patriotic effect is desired, the flag may be displayed 24 hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness;
  • The flag should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement, except when an all-weather flag is utilized;
  • No other flag should be placed above or on the same level as the United States flag;
  • When a flag is displayed from a staff projecting horizontally or at an angle from the building, the union of the flag must be placed at the peak of the staff unless the flag is at half-staff;
  • The flag should never touch anything beneath it.

If you found any of the above requirements surprising, take a look at the other provisions of the Code and make sure your flag rules do not contradict any of them.

Please contact an Altitude attorney at 303.432.9999 or [email protected] with any questions concerning the Federal Flag Code or your flag rules.

One response to “Is Your Flag Policy in Compliance with the Federal Flag Code?
  1. I always hate it when people don’t observe the flag code. I usually give them the benefit of the doubt by thinking that they are just ignorant of it and not intentionally trying to be disrespectful. As a manager, though, I never thought to cite a homeowner for improper display of the flag. However there were occasions when I would ask people to remove flags that were tattered or had reached the end of their useful life.

    I must say however that I don’t understand the mania for flying a flag. As a patriotic American and son of a military officer, I never felt the need to prove my patriotism. I think that most people know that we live in the United States and that we are Americans. To me a flag is superfluous. I understand, however, that some people feel the need to fly a flag.

    I will also say that, as soon as they see a flag flying, others will feel the need to fly their own flag, be it from another country or whatever. I have seen every manner of flag, and have also had to ask people to remove them. That always ends up in a dispute. And then before you know it, they are claiming first amendment rights. Also there are those who think flags are a contest and try to see who has the biggest one. I suppose the bigger the flag the more patriotic one must be in his own mind

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