November 6th is just around the corner. Do you know the law on political signs? The Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”) prohibits associations from banning political signs within a community, except as stated below. However, CCIOA does permit associations to limit the number, size and location of political signs within a community. Here’s a refresher on how associations can regulate political signs:

Placement. Associations may limit the placement of political signs by homeowners to the boundaries of their units. This means in a single family or townhome development, that in addition to signs being placed in or on homes, signs may also typically be placed within the front yards of the homes. In condominium communities, political signs may be limited to placement within the boundaries of units, including in the windows of units. In all types of associations, it should be noted that CCIOA does not require associations to permit residents to display political signs on general or limited common elements (other than limited common element windows).

Number. Associations may limit the number of political signs a homeowner may display to no more than one sign per political office or ballot issue that is contested in the pending election.

Timing. Associations may prohibit signs from being displayed within the community prior to 45 days before an election and may require residents to remove the signs within 7 days after the election.

Size. Associations may limit the size of political signs to the lesser of the following options: (1) no larger than 36 X 48 inches; or (2) the maximum size allowed by any applicable City, town, or county ordinance that regulates the size of political signs on residential property.

Any association wanting to regulate political signs should adopt a uniform policy for homeowners. A policy provides notice of rules and a guide for homeowners while setting limitations for those super-enthusiastic owners who want their front yard to resemble campaign headquarters. However, as with any other association rules, boards crafting such rules are encouraged to be reasonable, and to seek community input which will generally serve to increase the rate of voluntary homeowner compliance to any adopted rules.

Now that you know the law on political signs, don’t forget to get out there and vote!

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