Election season is upon us. Were you aware that if you don’t adopt a policy or rules on political signs, then you might not be able to regulate political signs in the community? CCIOA merely authorizes the Board to adopt certain political sign regulations; it does not automatically impose such regulations.

We previously blogged on political signs and today we are re-emphasizing the need to have a political sign policy in place. Most likely you are already experiencing an onslaught of political signs cropping up here and there within the community. What if someone installs a sign that is too big, or there are too many signs installed on a particular lot? What if a political sign is installed on the Common Elements? What if you’re not sure what is considered a “political sign”?
You need to know the law and be ready to respond and regulate. You need to know what is considered a political sign, and the limitations on size, number, location, and timing of installation of signs within your community. And, it would be best to put all of these answers in writing, ahead of time, so residents know both the rights and limitations on the installation of political signs.
Please do not hesitate to contact an Altitude Community Law attorney at 303.432.9999 or [email protected] if you have any additional questions about political signs or wish us to assist with drafting a political sign policy.

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    1. Agreed! And boards need to remember that if they don’t already have the exact political sign regulations in their Declaration, then they need to adopt such regs in their rules or a policy and circulate to the community before they start enforcing. Otherwise how do the residents know what is allowed or not allowed?

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