loading… Recently, several major national lenders have responded to the so-called “Robo-signer” scandal by announcing either freezes or new procedures relating to foreclosures in various states, including Colorado. The impact of this national scandal may be somewhat mitigated by Colorado’s status as the lone state that utilizes the public trustee system. Even so, the effectsGo to Resource

loading… This story highlights the potential impact of lack of FHA certification in condominium communities.  While we generally think of future sales, the lack of FHA certification can also derail re-financing attempts and it today’s economy with falling interest rates that could be a problem for associations. If your condominium community is not yet certifiedGo to Resource

loading… Recently the board of directors of both the Rocky Mountain and the Southern Colorado Chapters of CAI passed motions encouraging the Colorado Legislative Action Committee of CAI (“CLAC”) to seek passage of a concept bill implementing a credentialing program for community association managers.  The boards urged that the CLAC do so within the nextGo to Resource

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