Recently there has been a new criminal scheme targeting businesses. The crime involves criminals’ manipulation of targeted business records at the Secretary of State’s office by changing a business’s information in order to imply that they have a legitimate stake in the company. These identity thieves use this maliciously altered information along with other recordsGo to Article

We have received many responses to our July 9, 2010, blog entry on manager credentialing.  Of all of the interesting responses we have received, one thread in particular caught our attention.  That has to do with CAI mandating manager credentialing and benefiting financially from such a credentialing program.  While Altitude Community Law has no formalGo to Article

Recently the board of directors of both the Rocky Mountain and the Southern Colorado Chapters of CAI passed motions encouraging the Colorado Legislative Action Committee of CAI (“CLAC”) to seek passage of a concept bill implementing a credentialing program for community association managers.  The boards urged that the CLAC do so within the next twoGo to Article

On June 6, 2010, Governor Ritter signed House Bill 1278 into law.  As originally introduced, HB 1278 would have created an ombudsman to advocate for the rights of unit owners to the detriment of their associations. After lengthy negotiations, HB 1278 was completely rewritten and all references to an ombudsman and any advocacy role forGo to Article

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