In a recent California case, Clear Lake Riviera Community Association v. Cramer, the appellate court found that an association’s building height restrictions were not only valid but that the defendant homeowner had been forewarned of them before building his 2-story house. They also found that the house harmed neighbors by blocking views and allowing viewsGo to Article

The Colorado Division of Real Estate’s HOA Registration Database is now live and accepting registrations.  However, HOAs have a grace period until March 1, 2011 to register online.  This grace period was created by the Emergency Rule 4 CCR 725-5 adopted by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies.  The Emergency Rule provides that all associationsGo to Article

In a “sweep” done by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources many associations have been cited for environmental violations that could lead to contamination of water sources within the State.  In some situations the cases were referred to the state’s Attorney General because of the seriousness of the violation.  The associations who were cited operateGo to Article

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